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RANT Respite

Running for over 10 years, RANT is the largest community of senior information security professionals in the UK. The aim of RANT is to provide a networking platform for industry leaders, vendors and end users to attend thought leading, open discussions and disruptive debates at a range of bespoke events. RANT is a sales-free environment with open interactions to explore challenges, ideas, solutions and innovations in the cyber and information security industry.

SkillsFox and Learning People, who are partnered with the industry leaders in Information Security are attending the RANT Respite event on the 4th and 5th June 2019. The skills gap in the Information Security industry is predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015[1]. Learning People and SkillsFox, working together with the industry, are rethinking the approach to talent to combat the cyber security skills shortage.

Our Head of Talent Communities Mike Appleby, presenter and panellist at the event, will be opening the cyber security skills shortage rant. He will be exploring statistics and discussions about the technology jobs market, untapped resources, professional development, how we bridge the gap and more.

Find out more about RANT RESPITE.

“skills gap in the Information Security industry is predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021”

– Cyber Security Ventures

About SKillsFox and Learning People

Learning People and SkillsFox are working together to combat the digital skills shortage. Partnered with the leading brands in technology, they are working to align individuals and teams with the necessary abilities to drive results – be that career-ready education or goal-oriented professional development.

What do they do? Develop, certify and qualify skills in cyber security, IT, coding, cloud, networking, project management, UX and more.

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