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MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

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MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

Ensuring businesses are able to utilise cloud technology is essential; the MCSE cloud platform and infrastructure course aim to support individuals in developing the skills required to design, implement and maintain scalable Windows Server infrastructure for businesses of any size.

Study time: Full time – 7 to 10 days| Part time – 2 to 3 months
Vendor: Microsoft
Business support: Our Customer Success team helps measure and ensure engagement
Prerequisites:  MCSA Windows Server 2012 or MCSA Windows Server 2016
Assessment: Exam based – 70-413, 70-414, 70-246 or 70-247
Ideal for: Computer support specialists, data centre specialists, enterprise server administrators and server infrastructure engineers

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Microsoft will capture 76% of all cloud platform revenue in 2018, expanding to 80% by 2020.”


Content overview

70-413: Designing and implementing a server infrastructure

  • AD design
  • AD DS
  • OU and group policy
  • Server deployment
  • DHCP design
  • DNS, file and storage
  • IPAM and VPN
  • Direct access
  • Network protection
  • Implement NPS and WAP

70-414: Implementing an advanced infrastructure

  • Updates
  • VM hosts and guests
  • Storage and networks
  • VM administration
  • Clustering and NLB
  • Business continuity
  • Monitoring
  • Certificate services
  • AD RMS and AD FS

70-246: Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud

  • Monitor and Operate: Private Cloud Overview
  • Monitor and Operate: Deploying Cloud Services
  • Monitor and Operate: Monitoring Cloud Services
  • Monitor and Operate: Service Management
  • Monitor and Operate: Problem Management
  • Monitor and Operate: Backup and Recovery
  • Monitor and Operate: Compliance
  • Monitor and Operate: SLAs Widgets & Dashboards

70-247: Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud

  • Configure and Deploy: VMM Overview
  • Configure and Deploy: Extending & Maintaining
  • Configure and Deploy: Application Delivery
  • Configure and Deploy: Building Private Clouds
  • Configure and Deploy: Monitoring
  • Configure and Deploy: Service Management
  • Configure and Deploy: DPM
  • Configure and Deploy: Automation

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