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Digital Transformation

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The business world is going digital. Stay ahead and lead this change.

Digital transformation is meaning that companies need to move at pace to meet expectations set by the progress of technology, embrace radical new ways of thinking and leadership, while encouraging innovation, and driving effective use of the latest technologies.

Digital Transformation Fundamentals

for businesses

Digital Transformation Fundamentals features more than 40 video-based courses across seven domains:

  • Essentials of Transformation Technologies

  • Data Science

  • Designing Digital Experiences

  • Agility for Digital Transformation

  • Digital Marketing and Communications

  • Virtual Collaboartion

  • Digital Soft-skill Competencies

Helping companies drive digital dexterity at scale.

“Every industry and every organisation will have to transform itself in the next few years. What is coming at us is bigger than the original internet and you need to understand it, get on board with it and figure out how to transform your business.”

Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media

– Micro-learn modules to help effective recall
– Innovative, modern content delivery
– Based on the latest brain science research
– Multiple mediums: courses, books, audio books, etc.

– Learn as part of day-to-day work
– Learn and still meet team’s deadline
– Embedded in fabric of teams’ workflow
– On-the-job application of learning

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ITIL 4 | IT Service Management

August 16th, 2019|Comments Off on ITIL 4 | IT Service Management

NEW! ITIL 4 Courses / Project Management The globally recognised best practice for methodology in IT service management, ITIL, is evolving with the new ITIL 4.  ITIL 4 [...]

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