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Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

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Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

Demonstrate you have the technical skills to implement, monitor and administer IT infrastructure using information security policies and procedures.

Learn the fundamentals of cyber security with a globally recognised qualification; ideal for those in a hands-on, operational IT role or you’re building a foundation in information security.

Experience: 1 year in infosec
: Full time: 4-6 days | Part time: 6 weeks
Vendor: (ISC)2
Business support: Our learner support team measures and ensures engagement
Prerequisites: One year in information security
Assessment: Exam: SSCP
Ideal for: Senior network security engineers, senior security systems analysts or senior security administrators

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“Recognised as the best entry level IT security certification across the globe.”

Content overview

  • SSCP introduction
  • Information security
  • SSCP
  • CBK
  • Security concerns
  • Access control
  • Identification, authentication, authorisation and accounting
  • Access control techniques
  • Best practices for access control
  • Access control administration
  • Access control models, methodologies and implementation Physical security
  • Attacks
  • Monitoring and intrusion detection
  • Penetration testing
  • Administration
  • The C.I.A. triad policy, standards, guidelines and baselines
  • Privacy issues and regulation
  • Data classification
  • Security architecture and design
  • Controls, evaluation criteria and security models
  • Development lifecycle
  • Configuration management
  • Hardware components
  • Employment practices
  • Security threats and attacks
  • Audit and monitoring
  • Types of controls
  • Incident response and analysis
  • Monitoring devices and techniques
  • Cryptography
  • Cryptographic terms and technologies
  • Message authentication
  • Certificate authority
  • Data communications
  • Security overview
  • Internet, intranet and extranet security
  • TCP/IP LANs, WANs and VPNs
  • Network layer security protocols
  • Transport layer security
  • Application layer security protocols
  • Malicious code and malware
  • Malicious code types
  • Mobile code threats
  • Types of attacks
  • Risk response and recovery
  • Risk management
  • Knowledge based systems
  • Safeguards and countermeasures
  • Incident handling
  • Forensics Business continuity project planning

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