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CompTIA Security+

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CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+ is a vendor-neutral learning course representing an internationally recognised certification relied on by organisations and security professionals around the world.

This course aims to build the knowledge and skills necessary to secure systems, applications, networks, and devices, conduct threat analysis and countermeasure techniques, perform risk mitigation activities, and function with an awareness of the proper policies, laws, and regulations.

Experience: Two years of Networking
: Full time: 18-24 days | Part time: 2-3 months
Vendor: CompTIA
Business support: Our learner support team measures and ensures engagement
Prerequisites: CompTIA Network+
Assessment: Exam: CompTIA SY0-501
Ideal for: Network administrator, network technician, network installer, help desk technician or IT cable installer

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Steve Morgan, CSO Online

Content overview

SY0-501 Security+ 

  • The Present Threat Landscape
  • Types of Malware
  • Social Engineering and Related Attacks
  • Application and Service Attacks
  • Cryptographic and Wireless Attacks
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Impacts from Vulnerability Types
  • Components Supporting Organizational Security
  • Security Assessment Using Software Tools

SY0-501 Security+

  • Cryptography
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Wireless Security Settings
  • Analyzing Output from Security Technologies
  • Deploying Mobile Devices Securely
  • Implementing Secure Protocols
  • Troubleshooting Common Security Issues
  • Identity Concepts and Access Services

SY0-501 Security+

  • Identity and Access Management Controls
  • Common Account Management Practices
  • Frameworks, Guidelines, and Physical Security
  • Implement Secure Network Architecture Concepts
  • Secure System and Application Design and Deployment
  • Cloud, Virtualization, and Resiliency Concepts
  • Policies, Plans, and Procedures
  • Business Impact Analysis and Risk Management

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