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Certified Network Defender | CND

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Certified Network Defender

Certified Network Defender | CND

A Certified Network defender is a skilled professional who detects, protects and responds to threats on the network.  This course covers concepts such as spearfishing, conducting distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, network intrusions, breaking passwords, brute-force access, and many others. This certificate is targeted at security professionals on offence or defence side, site administrators, or anyone responsible for the integrity of the IT systems.

Study time: Full time – one to two weeks| Part time – two to three months
Vendor: EC-Council
Business support: Our support team measures and ensures engagement
Prerequisites: Approved EC-Council training or two+ years experience in information security
Assessment: Exam based – CDN 312-49
Ideal for:  Network security analysts, network security engineers, cybersecurity analysts

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“A third of all attacks are projected to utilize file-less techniques in 2018.”

Ponemon Institute

Content overview

  • Computer Network and Defense Fundamentals
  • Network Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks
  • Network Security Controls, Protocols, and Devices
  • Network Security Policy Design and Implementation
  • Physical Security
  • Host Security
  • Secure Firewall Configuration and Management
  • Secure IDS Configuration and Management
  • Secure VPN Configuration and Management
  • Wireless Network Defense
  • Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
  • Network Risk and Vulnerability Management
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Network Incident Response and Management

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