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Certified Cloud Security Professional CCSP

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Certified Cloud Security Professional CCSP

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) is the premier cloud security certification and highest standard for cloud security expertise.

In this course, your team will learn about cloud security, cloud networks, virtualisation within the cloud system, data encryption and aspects of cloud interoperability, trusted cloud services, cloud system management, and operational considerations. The course covers the essential topics for the ISC2’s Certified Cloud Security Professional examination – Domain 1 requirements.

Experience: 5 years in IT
: Full time: 15-25 days | Part time: 3-4 months
Vendor: ISC2
Business support: Our learner support team measures and ensures engagement
Prerequisites: 5 years in IT, including 1 year in Cloud Security
Assessment: Exam: CCSP
Ideal for: IT architects, web and cloud security engineers, information security professionals and those working in governance, risk, compliance or even IT auditing

Meet the trainer

Dan Lachance
Dan Lachance
Dan Lachance has worked in various IT roles since 1993 including as a technical trainer with Global Knowledge, programmer, consultant, as well as an IT tech author and editor for McGraw-Hill and Wiley Publishing. He has held and still holds IT certifications in Linux, Novell, Lotus, CompTIA, and Microsoft.

His specialities over the years have included networking, IT security, cloud solutions, Linux management, and configuration and troubleshooting across a wide array of Microsoft products.

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Content overview


  • Architectural Concepts and Design Requirements
  • Cloud Data Security


  • Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security
  • Cloud Application Security


  • Operations
  • Legal and Compliance

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