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Certified Chief Information Security Officer | CCISO

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Certified Chief Information Security Officer| CCISO

The CCISO was created and designed by our contributing Certified Security Information Officers (CISO) from their experiences leading the world’s top organizations’ security programs. The CCISO deep dives into how security should be injected into the procurement process and how a CISO should manage budgets and assets – vital skills and knowledge that many in the profession lack. The aim of this course is to create high-level information security leaders.

The foundation and outline of the CCISO program constitute’s of three components, training, the body of knowledge (5 of the CCISO Information Security Management Domains) and the CISO exam.

Study time: Full time – one to two weeks| Part time – two to three months
Vendor: EC-Council
Business support: Our support team measures and ensures engagement
Prerequisites: Two+ years experience in information security and experience in at least 3 CCISO domains
Assessment: Exam based – CCISO
Ideal for: Security analysts, information security officers, vulnerability analysts

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“Average cost for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information – £141”



Content overview

  • Governance
  • Security Risk Management, Controls, and Audit Management
  • Security Program Management and Operations
  • Information Security Core Concepts
  • Strategic Planning, Finance, and Vendor Management

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