Cyber Security Skills Gap leaves UK’s Critical National Infrastructure in Jeopardy

Following their ongoing work surrounding the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), the Joint committee has published a report highlighting to the government the growing concerns about the UK’s widening skills gap in the cyber security sector. 

The UK is facing a lot of questions, however, there is no shying away from the facts surrounding our cyber security framework or lack of. The Joint Committee has published a report on cyber security skills, highlighting the shortage of specialists and experts in this field and the impending threat that this has to the UK’s CNI.

The security of the UK’s CNI is essential in the workings and succession of the economy and society, which includes our health services, energy supply, transport, education, trade and logistics. Although the government has instructed a ‘skills strategy’ set to be published in December 2018, the problem that the UK faces is the lack of analysis, data and information around CNI sectors. The Joint committee’s report speculates that without this information the government does not have enough knowledge to be able to put into place what is needed to protect the CNI.

Margaret Beckett MP, chairman of the joint committee said:

“We’re not just talking about the ‘acute scarcity’ of technical experts which was reported to us; but also, the much larger number of posts which require moderately specialist skills.

We found little to reassure us that Government has fully grasped the problem and is planning appropriately.”[1]

The fact that cyber security is a new field and an evolving one, is nothing new, although, with statistic projections showing that cyber-crime damages could hit $6 trillion annually by 2021.[2]  The government, as well as businesses, must train and upskill security professionals to counteract the gap between skillsets and demand.

As technology drives digitalisation across every sector and our society, the need for cyber security needs to be integrated into every aspect or level of our CNI sectors as well as every single UK business. Digitalisation has blurred the line between sectors, meaning that the cyber security of the CNI sectors is reliant on the cyber security of UK businesses. Not only will this help protect individuals this will also ensure the protection of the UK economy.

“Cybercrime damage costs to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021.”

– CSO Online

6 of the worst Cyber Security Attacks affecting the UK so far:

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