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The MCSA SQL Server 2016 Solutions Associate is essential for professionals who build their skills in developing and maintaining the next wave of mission critical SQL database environments to support business functioning.

This certification validates your team’s skills in building and implementing databases across organisations and will qualify them for a position as database developers.

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Aaron Sampson is a seasoned and experienced IT professional who started in the industry in 1995. With a primary focus on certified technical training, he can be found most of the time in a classroom environment training primarily in network infrastructure and services.

Aaron has been involved with extensive practical implementations in a variety of technical and operational capacities. Most of  his experience has been in environments using Windows/Active Directory systems, SQL databases, and Exchange messaging environments. He holds multiple certifications as a Microsoft Certified Professional and pursues upgrades, new versions, and new technologies.

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Certification: MCSA SQL Server 2016

Study time: Full time – four days | Part time – two weeks | Self-paced e-Learning

Vendor: Microsoft

Provider: Skillsoft

Student support: StudentCare™ and expert mentors

Prerequisites: Intended for developers with two+ years experience and good working knowledge of relational databases

Assessment: Exam based – MCSA 70-761, 70-762,  70-764, 70-765

Resources: Internet access and email

Ideal for: Database developer, database analyst ETL and data warehouse developers

Course Structure

70-761, 70-762: MCSA SQL Server 2016 Database Development

T-SQL Querying
Querying and Manipulating Data
Filter and Modify Data in SQL Server 2016
Using Functions in SQL Server 2016
Aggregating Data in SQL Server 2016
Subqueries and Predicate
Operators and Expressions in SQL Server 2016
Database Programmability Objects and Non-Relational Data

SQL Server 2016 Database Objects
SQL Server 2016 Indexes and Views
Columnstore Indexes
Programmability Objects
Triggers and Functions
Transactions and Isolation Levels
Managing Database Concurrency
Optimize SQL Database Objects and Infrastructure
Database Instances
Performance Tuning

70-764, 70-765: MCSA SQL Server 2016 Database Administration

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Encryption
Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Data Access and Permissions
Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Auditing
Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Backing Up Databases
Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Restoring Databases
Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Managing Database Integrity
Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Monitoring Database Activity and Queries
Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Monitoring SQL Server Instances
Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Managing Indexes and Statistics
Microsoft SQL Server 2016: High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Components of a SQL Server 2016 Installation
Installing and Upgrading SQL Server 2016
SQL Server Virtual Machines on Azure
SQL Server Instances and Storage Considerations
Microsoft Azure SQL Database Security
Azure SQL Database Encryption
SQL Server Performance Settings
Deploying Applications to Microsoft Azure SQL Databases
Azure Virtual Machines

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