Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

////Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
Data Mining and Predictive Analytics2018-03-09T17:01:28+00:00

Predictive analytics is increasingly used by many industries to improve everyday business to gain competitive advantage.

Our learning path path will introduce the basic concepts of predictive analytics, key tools, and their application at the intermediate to advanced level to a wide variety of business and technical users at all levels in the organisation.

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Steve Scott
Teaching himself to write code in assembly as a teenager, Steve embarked on a career in software programming at the age of 18 that took him around the world for over a decade and a half.

Now with a toolbox full of languages, platforms, tools, and APIs, Steve rounds out his coding background with ongoing formal study in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Certification: None yet

Study time: Full time – four days | Part time – two weeks | Self-paced e-Learning

Vendor: Skillsoft

Provider: Skillsoft

Student support: StudentCare™ and expert mentors

Prerequisites: none

Assessment: Quizzes embedded in the learning material

Resources: Internet access and email

Ideal for: Business intelligence professionals and aficionados

Series Structure

Predictive Analytics & Big Data
Process & Application
Key Statistical Concepts
Correlation & Regression
Data Collection & Exploration
Data Mining, Data Distributions, & Hypothesis Testing
Data Preprocessing
Data Reduction & Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
K-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN) & Artificial Neural Networks
A/B Testing, Bayesian Networks, and Support Vector Machine
Clustering Techniques
Linear and Logical Regression
Text Mining & Social Network Analysis
Time Series Modeling
Machine Learning, Propensity Score, & Segmentation Modeling
Random Forests & Uplift Models
Model Life Cycle Management
Model Development, Validation, & Evaluation

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