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Strengthen your people. Strengthen your business.

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We have helped thousands of our learners world -wide to transform their professional lives…

Now, we want to drive success in teams.

Drive performance and inspire leadership with our industry-leading learning solutions.

Percipio: Fundamental Solution

Workplace learning for larger teams

Engaging and intuitive system
– Wonderfully simple interface, unequalled power under the bonnet
– Learning suggestions
Personalised content delivery – you are in the driving seat
Detailed focus: more than 500 pre-made learning paths
– Build your own channels on the breadth and depth of content
– Ensure it sticks: set mandatory modules and tests

It is now easier to fall into habit of constant learning – watch videos and courses, read e-books or book summaries, listen to audio books, or practice skills in our cloud-based labs.

Tap into more than 1 billion learning assets: videos, courses, e-books and audio books, and Live Labs, used by 400 million people worldwide

If needed, your team’s learning can be structured around the specific certification exams they need to pass, including practical assignments and mock exams.

– Learn as part of day-to-day work
– Learn and still meet team’s deadline
– Embedded in fabric of teams’ workflow
– Get the right answers the moment you need it

– Your searches tap into vast database of books, videos and courses
– Richer and deeper search results
– Every search forms part of your training

– Monitor training progress-to-goals
– Track team’s time spent
– Spot trends in training and performance
– Red-flag problems
– Tie company’s business goals to learning
– Show training programme impact on organisation

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Skillport: Agile Solution

Agile platform, same breadth of content

– Turn-key solution to meet specific training needs, deployed fast
– Flexible programmes tailored by team or by person
– Set up mandatory module access or minimum test scores
– Built on videos, courses, books, audio-books and interactive excercises

– Best in class content which is trusted by 65 percent of the Fortune 500 companies
– Content cloud accessed more than 130 million times every month, in 160 countries and 29 languages
– Small chunks, bite-sized learning modules to better hold attention and drive engagement
– Learning which is easy to fit into busy schedules
– Embedded tests and practical excercises

– Fast roll-out
– Changes on the fly, done by you or by us
– Hands-on control over dozens of configuration options
– Create own playlists

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Subject Focus Areas

Digital 360°

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Productivity, efficiency and innovation in digital economy

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Project Management

Project Management

Projects delivery within scope, on time, and within budget

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Leadership and Business

Leadership training tailored to your company’s specific needs

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Training covering critical legal and safety risk topics

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Trusted by…

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