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Welcome to SkillsFox, part of the Learning People group – a leading edge provider of staff training

The new world of business needs a new approach to staff training; one that is responsive and agile enough to effectively manage constant change; one that is actively used by teams and can demonstrate a true ROI; one that genuinely boosts employee performance rather than just simply taking time away from the business; one that is easy to use and simple to administer; and one that puts the needs of the learners above all else.

SkillsFox delivers training needs

Our comprehensive content and unique learning approach is powered by the expertise of the Learning People group.

Applying our passion for people development, we are now setting our sights on helping businesses across all sectors reach their goals, and proactively manage change through high quality, on-demand skills development of their teams.

Our mission

SkillsFox is here to support your business, as you support your employees.
We want to help organisations meet their goals and vision for the future, and to do this we help individuals identify their development needs, and deliver learning that will enable them to achieve their potential and thrive in their careers.

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Solutions we offer

How do we work?

Giving support unlike anywhere else

Our award winning StudentCare™ team are what sets our training service apart. They are here to offer support at every stage – from working with you as a business to understand your objectives, to introducing your employees to the training through to helping them excel in their exams.

Ensuring use and measuring learning success

We want to make sure that your team does their best studying and that you feel certain that your investment in training pays back. We will assess the skill gaps before the start of the programme, customise a learning path for your team, monitor their progress, and provide you with regular, detailed reports.

Relying on rich mix of assets

To meet your students’ study preferences, and business needs, we can deliver training as courses, videos, books, audiobooks, and more – all curated for active professionals. We offer 20,000 pieces of content, including over 7,000 courses for any level, from trainees to experts.

Practice learning

All of our courses offer an interactive and practical training experience. For example, your employees will be able to practice IT skills on live gear, letting them put their skills to use straight away. We offer 900 IT practice labs across 60 different certifications.

Superb student reviews

It is crucial for us as a company to be transparent and honest with our clients, which is reflected by our excellent TrustPilot reviews.

Aimed at employees at every level from trainee to expert, our training solutions are perfect for:

• Assessing your team’s skills
• On-boarding
• Up-skilling and re-skilling
• Employee mobility & redeployments
• Establishing skills consistency across your business
• Maintaining up to date knowledge across your workforce
• Managing ad-hoc skills shortages efficiently
• Complementing on-the-job training initiatives
• Future proofing your business against upcoming changes

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